David Press

I'm the co-founder of ADK MOGUL, a film and writing resource program that provides location and production management for films shooting in the Adirondack region. I'm developing a seasonal journal featuring the best in local student writing.

Currently, we are working with ten small independent movie theaters in the Adirondack Park in helping them transition to digital film and provide alternative and sustaining programming as part of our campaign, Go Digital or Go Dark

We just released our first short film, The Dealwhich was written and directed by my better-half, T J Brearton

I'm also an English teacher. I wrote my thesis on comics writer Grant Morrison and Renaissance philosopher Giovanni Pico della Mirandola. I'm teaching English  at Paul Smith's College and North Country Community College, while assistant coaching the PSC swim team. I may never sleep.

The Worst Writer Ever, my first graphic novel, is a graphic memoir on how comic books have affected my life. Currently, I'm co-writing the comic book The Collective with Leaping Tall Buildings editor Christopher Irving

Again: I never sleep, but that doesn't keep me from updating my Tumblr full of things I love and like. 

If you'd like to get in touch with me email: davidmpress at gmail dot com. 

Thanks for reading!

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